Nickname: Cocs

Birthdate: March 11, 1992

Describe yourself: someone who thinks she’s an angel in disguise; who feels empathy with one’s sighs. A cute romantic who tends to dream, who smiles at life, and follows her whim!

Hobbies: play guitar often times, read manga most of the time, and imagine crazy things all the time.

Likes: friendly faces, smiles, guitars, cute stuffs, anything that’s blue; sweet or anything that’s neat. Funny movies, jokes and free time!!

Dislikes: cockcroaches, cold stares, backbiters, insensitive people

Ambition: I don’t have one, coz I don’t need one. I’m way contented and that’s always what makes life fulfilling.

Motto:  I’d rather be called funny than pretty.

Nickname: Yvette

Birthdate: July 21, 1991

Describe yourself: Someone who thinks she’s shy. Someone who tends to daydream all day long.

Hobbies: Drawing, Photo-Editing, Eating, Sleeping,
Watching tv, Surfing the 'net

Likes: Anime, Korean and Japanese Dramas, FOOD, sweets, color GREEN, Matsumoto Jun :)

Dislikes: cockcroaches, slow internet, hot days

Ambition: To become rich and successful in the near future.

Motto:  "Don't look back because it will be harder to move forward."

Nickname: mel or molmol

Birthdate: September 28,1991

Describe yourself: I am English speaking most of the time. I am hardworking and responsible. I am kind hearted. I like making others happy.

Hobbies: I like to watch DVDs whenever I can. And I like to cook, watch TV, go out with friends, and listen to music

Likes: foods such as lasagna, pizza, mango float and ice cream; colors green, purple, and blue; movies like transformers 1 and 2 , click; actors like Sandra Bullock, Collin Farrel, Angleina Jolie, Adam Sandler, Emma Roberts

Dislikes: lazy people? Fish, mayonnaise, cats, the color pink and rock music


Motto: The worst regrets in life are not for the wrong things done, but for the rights things we could have made but never did.

Nickname: rock, shell, rocky, barock, mangi

Birthdate: December 27, 1991

Describe yourself:  I'm plus size. i am aware that i am weird, and in this own little world, i enjoy my life. i always look ggb. i am more willing to do non-academic projects. i'm passionate in everything i like to do. i'm courteous. i'm lazy but i do my work.

Hobbies: browsing youtube,watching tv and asianovelas, reading romantic suspense novels or shoujo mangas, cooking and eating, walking, listening to musics

Likes: cute people-- those who have a cute smile or nice eyes; watching horror, comedy, romantic films; i love pasta and shawarma, i like coffee and iced tea, i like korean-japanese-taiwanese stars and dramas, colors such as blue, white, purple, black; RnB, acoustic, bossanova genre

Dislikes: cats, metal rock genre, people who thinks so high of themselves but unable to prove it by their actions, people who talk behind the persons back.

Ambition: I want to succeed in everything i do. i want to see everyone smiling. i want to give my family a luxurious life.
Motto:  “ De-stress, then Assess, and you’ll sure to have Success”    “always smile”  “be inspired”

Nickname: Dbol, Dan, Babydan, Bok, Bol

Birthdate: December 29, 1990

Hobbies: watching TV. watching movies. surfing the net.sleeping. relaxing, baking, cooking

Likes: God. family. mom. dad. yaya. Enrique. Edward. friends. hubagerrzzz.  eat. shop. colors. rainbow. stars. hearts. flowers. cute stuffs. bake. cook.  camwhore. photos. dressup. shoes. bags. clothes. the 70’s and 80’s fun party. Japanese food. Korean food. American food. Chinese food. Filipino food. Italian food. Spanish food. Fusion! Love. care. Enrique Iglesias. highschool.  doodling. cutiesss. music. Ice cream. Sleeping. relaxing. hahas. laughters. joy. meee. hehe. Dance. sing. act. ALLLLL!!

Dislikes: icky stuffs.plastics.eeewwy.scary.yuckyy.luood.huhu.sadness.gloomy.sleepless nights.

Ambition: to become a Doctor someday.

Motto: Aim high and reach for the STARS! Always be AWESOME!